Program Guidelines for Ozarks Reflections

Program Submissions
Standards and Considerations
Ozarks Public Television

Below are standards and considerations for submitting broadcast programming to Ozarks Public Television. We hope that this information is helpful in preparing your project for review and possible broadcast.


Broadcast programs meet standard lengths for 30 and 60 minute blocks

  • 30 minute content is minimally 27:30 and does not exceed 28:20
  • 60 minute content is minimally 57:30 and does not exceed 58:20

Standard Definition (SD) Programs are delivered on Video DVD or BetaSP. *
High Definition (HD) Programs are delivered on XDCAM HD Disc. *
*Digital Master Files may be accepted on DVD-R, or Blu-Ray Disc.


Program content must comply with FCC regulations in regard to language, nudity, graphic imagery, etc. It is the producer or person submitting the project responsibility to ensure compliance. An explanation of these rulings is available on the FCC website:

Program content is uninterrupted by internal breaks.


Production qualities are expected to be professional. For example, camera work and edits are smooth, image white balance appropriate, etc.

OPT reserves the right to determine suitability of submitted programs for broadcast and/or to require modification in instances of inappropriate content.

Technical Standards

As a PBS station, we practice general standards outlined in PBS technical guidelines and information. Programs should contain the following elements and order:

Program Packaging

  • 60 seconds of NTSC bars and tone for reference signal. Important: This test signal must be a true indication of the chroma, video, pedestal and phase set-up.
  • 10 second Slate indicating program title, production source, producer and length. Slate must also indicate mono or stereo audio, and SAP and caption information.
  • 10 second countdown. (The countdown will take to black at the end of the audio tone on 2.)

Video Specifications

  • Reference color bars must be a true indication of program chroma, video, pedestal and phase.
  • Peak chrominance will not exceed 110 IRE units above the blanking level.
  • Video levels will average 100 IRE and pedestal 7.5 IRE when playback is in unity.
  • Video, chroma and pedestal levels must be uniform throughout the program.
  • Horizontal and vertical blanking must conform to ANSI/SMPTE standards

Audio Specifications

  • Reference tone must be a true indication of program audio levels. (Tone must be at 0vu when playback is in unity.)
  • Audio levels must be consistent throughout the program.
  • If mono audio is present in stereo production, the mono audio must be recorded center channel on tracks 1 and 2.
  • Stereo Recordings: Track 1: Stereo Left, Track 2: Stereo Right

Programs with excessive fallout, edge wear, wrinkles or other breakdown will be rejected.

The above specifications and standards relate to analog-produced programs. There is a different set of parameters and solutions for digital production. Any questions can best be answered by our Engineering staff.

More information is available on the PBS website

Supporting Materials

  • A :30 promo is preferred to accompany submissions
  • A 60-75 word print summary of the project is requested for promotional purposes


  • Programs are submitted to the programming manager
  • Programs are submitted in complete and final form
  • Producers provide printed program details including:
    • Program Title
    • Length
    • Principle Credits (Producer, Director, Editor)
    • Completion/Copyright Date
  • Programs not meeting technical or content standards or submission guidelines will not be accepted
  • Monthly broadcast schedules are developed 6 weeks in advance
  • Program masters must be delivered and in-house 4 weeks prior to broadcast
  • Producers assume all responsibility for appropriate and necessary clearances and copyrights. These extend to ownership of the program, permissions from individuals in a program and use of music and supplemental photos, film or video.
  • Producers sign a form releasing Ozarks Public Television from any liability and litigation that may arise through infringement.
  • The producer signs a release form permitting Ozarks Public Television to broadcast the program free-of-charge. The release form will indicate the rights window for broadcast and the number of airings permitted in this window.