Generally Speaking...

When I’m spending time with friends, family or neighbors, I often hear someone reluctantly admit that they’ve not been paying quite as much attention to the news these days.  Once they break the ice, others usually chime in with agreement.  You know the feeling – that push and pull between wanting to be informed and engaged, but also feeling overwhelmed by the pace and tone of the news cycle.  I can relate; I have this feeling at times as well.  But in these moments, I also feel a great deal of pride in the news provided by public television.  

PBS NewsHour continues to builds trust with viewers through its calm and straightforward approach to delivering the news of the day.

Amanpour on PBS provides space for in-depth conversations with a wide array of guests, from heads of state to cultural icons, inviting us all to consider thought-provoking questions and varied perspectives. 

And year after year, series like FRONTLINE and Independent Lens combine rigorous investigation and compelling storytelling to shed light on stories both big and small.     

While we all need a break from the news cycle now and again, I’m proud that public broadcasting provides a place for us to plug back in – a place where we know we can expect thoughtful reporting, depth, balance, and civility.  So whether you’re currently on a break from the news, or glued to the TV each night, I hope you take pride in the fact that your support makes it possible. 


Tammy Wiley - General Manager
Tammy Wiley

General Manager