Generally Speaking...

Recently, PBS, along with all the other networks, presented their upcoming programming plans at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.  As you might imagine, the upcoming programs from PBS stand out a bit when presented alongside those of other networks – and that’s fine by us.  In fact, that’s how we know we’re doing our job!  Public television is meant to be an alternative – a broadcast service with the freedom to prioritize community service, education and public affairs. 

In her comments at the press tour, PBS President Paula Kerger summarized the mission and strength of PBS very simply – “telling good stories”.  Whether those stories are about historical figures, fictional characters, scientific discoveries or current events, public television tells smart and engaging stories...and tells them exceptionally well.

Paula also announced an exciting new project – a drama inspired by a true story that took place during the American Civil War.  The series, set in a family-owned hotel that’s been transformed into an army hospital, follows two volunteer nurses on opposite sides of the conflict.  The program is in production and will soon join PBS’ award-winning Sunday night lineup.    

And, of course, Paula was excited to announce that American Experience will present the broadcast premiere of the Oscar-nominated documentary, Last Days in Vietnam this spring.  The film, which details the final days of the Vietnam War, premieres in April. 

There are so many upcoming programs that I think you’ll enjoy.  And as you watch, please know that your support is what makes each of them possible.  We thank you, very sincerely, for your support.  

Tammy Wiley - General Manager
Tammy Wiley

General Manager