Generally Speaking...

“A person's a person, no matter how small.”  These are wise words from the great Dr. Seuss, and they capture quite nicely OPT’s approach to serving the smallest citizens of our community.  Since its inception, public television has shown an unwavering commitment to children.  We do this by creating age-appropriate television programming free from commercial messages…by insisting that these programs are developed with knowledge, care, and respect for young viewers…by ensuring that no child is denied access to quality early childhood education regardless of their family’s financial resources…by innovating in digital spaces to meet kids where they spend time…and by engaging with kids and families in our community. 


We hope to engage with you and the little ones in your life at OPT’s 8th Annual Seuss Science Day at the Discover Center of Springfield on Saturday, February 16.  The event runs from 10am-4pm and will include interactive science experiments, educational activities, readings of Dr. Seuss books, and – everyone’s favorite – the chance to have your photo taken with The Cat in the Hat.  You can get your tickets at the door the day of the event, or online ahead of time.  Learn more at  (If your family belongs to the OPT Kids Club, be sure to watch the mail for your complimentary tickets!)


Thanks, as always, for being such an important part of OPT’s service to our community.  Your support means so much to us…and to the thousands of viewers – of all ages – across the Ozarks. 

Tammy Wiley - General Manager
Tammy Wiley

General Manager