Generally Speaking...

As Election Day draws near, many citizens are rejoicing the end of a contentious political battle – rejoicing because, no matter what happens on November 8, at least we’ve reached the end of the political ads and negative rhetoric.  For regular viewers of public television, however, I think we find ourselves just a bit less scathed from the months leading up to decision day.  Even in what seems to be an unprecedented election cycle, I’m proud of the civility, broad context, and in-depth reporting that PBS provides in their news coverage and documentary specials.  Public media continues to extol the importance of a well-informed electorate, and helps to ensure that every citizen has access to the information we need to make up our own minds in the voting booth.  I hope you exercise your right to vote this month, and I hope public television has been among the resources that have helped you become confident in your understanding of the candidates and issues.

And for our younger viewers, November brings an exciting addition to the weekday line-up.  The folks who bring us Sid the Science Kid and Dinosaur Train are taking us on a deep-sea voyage with Splash and Bubbles.  In true PBS style, Splash and Bubbles tackles some complex concepts in oceanography and marine biology, making them fun, accessible, and educational for children.  I hope you’ll sit down with the young viewers in your life and check out Splash and Bubbles, beginning November 23 at 9am on OPT.  

And thank you, as always, for supporting lifelong learning for Ozarks’ residents of all ages!

Tammy Wiley - General Manager
Tammy Wiley

General Manager