Generally Speaking...

It seems that every time I turn around, PBS is giving us something to celebrate.  Earlier this year, the network took home an impressive eight Primetime Emmy Awards.  And just a few weeks later, millions of people tuned in night after night to experience Ken Burns’ epic historical documentary The Roosevelts

These milestones thrill us.  It’s exciting to see Americans confirm and celebrate the value of one of their most treasured national resources – public television.  But, to be honest, I may get even more excited about the smaller, daily celebrations that we get to enjoy here at Ozarks Public Television. 

One day recently it was an incredibly thoughtful and touching email from a local viewer, writing to tell us about the emotion she experienced while watching a program on OPT.  She thanked us for ensuring that unique – and often stifled – perspectives are given the chance to be heard. 

Another day, it was a children’s event here at the station where a shy youngster marched right up to the microphone, taking us up on the offer to read his original story to a group of strangers.  Seeing his excitement over the words he’d written gave us the distinct and hopeful feeling that we were witnessing the beginning of a lifelong love of reading, writing and learning.  

These moments are what keep our staff coming in and giving it their all each day.  And when we experience these moments, I think of the many people – like you – who make them possible.  Thank you for supporting OPT...and for helping create these powerful moments.  

Tammy Wiley - General Manager
Tammy Wiley

General Manager