Generally Speaking...

I recently received an email from PBS President Paula Kerger, updating stations on some of the great things we’re seeing across the public television system.  And because those great things are a direct result of folks like you – individuals across the country who support their local public television stations – I wanted to share some of the good news. 

  • As you know, a couple of years ago OPT introduced a great new member benefit – PBS Passport.  To date, 128 stations have launched the service, and just over 1 million members are using the platform to access their favorite PBS programs...whenever and wherever they want! 
  • Just over a year ago, we debuted OPT PBS KIDS – a 24/7 children’s programming service.  Many of our fellow public television stations did the same, and now more than 95% of families across the country have access to this free, over-the-air service.  This is so exciting, and such an important piece of the puzzle as we figure out how to bridge the socioeconomic gap in the early childhood education resources that are available to families.
  • And finally, PBS and its producing partners received high praise during the recent awards season.  Those honors included 12 awards at the News and Documentary Emmys...more than any other organization!

I’m proud to be a part of the public television system, and I’m pleased with these recent achievements.  I never forget, however, the energy source behind all of this good work.  That’s you.  Your support – combined with the support of thousands of other members across the country – is the lifeblood of public television.  Thank you for being a part of this unique and important service.  

Tammy Wiley - General Manager
Tammy Wiley

General Manager