OPT Ready To Learn

Ready To Learn

Ready To Learn is public television's contribution toward our nation's most urgent educational goal ensuring that all children begin school Ready To Learn.

The core of Ready To Learn is a full day of non-violent, commercial-free, educational children's television programming broadcast free of charge to every American household.

How Ready To Learn works

OPT is one of more than 145 PBS member stations that provide a variety of services to children and their parents and caregivers. Ready To Learn stations;

  • broadcast at least 6.5 hours of educational children's programming each weekday
  • distribute free books to children who otherwise might not have access to their own books
  • partner with other agencies and organizations to help all our children be Ready To Learn when they enter school.

Mr. Rogers has captured and held the attention and affection of preschoolers for more than 30 years by creating a calm, safe place for children to learn about themselves, about others, and about the world around them.

Description for Reading Rainbow: The series, hosted by LeVar Burton, uses television to spark young children's interest in reading by combining an exciting mix of dramatic narrative and book illustrations with field trips that show how books are a gateway to adventure and knowledge.