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PBS Kids Share a Story will inspire adults to help millions of children develop language and literacy skills through daily activities, including reading books, telling and listening to stories, rhyming, singing and making up funny poems.

Literacy experts have long recognized the link between children's exposure to language and their eventual reading success. But many adults are unaware of the rewards of nourishing a child's brain with words, or how easy it can be. The PBS KIDS Share a Story campaign demonstrates how any caring adult, regardless of education, literacy level, or first language can help improve a child's reading achievement.

PBS Kids Share a Story aims to:

  • Promote the benefits of language-based activities: reading, storytelling, singing, rhyming.
  • Raise awareness of how early learning experiences can lead to school success.
  • Promote ways that sharing stories strengthen family bonds.

Download book template: A Family Story. Depending on their age, children can write and draw a story about their family, or a caring adult can help them with it. Either way, even the youngest child is developing skills to help him/her become a successful reader.