Ozarks Public Television and Missouri State University’s Office of Public Affairs invite you to get to know Wes Moore this fall.  A youth advocate, veteran and author, Moore hosts the PBS series “Coming Back with Wes Moore” and author of the MSU 2015 Common Reader “The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates.”

Ozarks Public Television will be screening each episode of “Coming Back with Wes Moore” on Sunday evenings in September at the Moxie Cinema, located at
305 S Campbell Ave #101, Springfield, MO 65806.  All screenings are free and open to the public.

Sunday, September 13th at 6 pm

Episode 1 “Coming Back"  (Watch Online) 

Learn why some veterans reintegrate back into society after deployment and some struggle.

Wes’ journey begins with Bonnie Collins, the mother of Brian Collins, one of his oldest friends and a fellow officer. Last year, after getting married and beginning a new career, Brian abruptly took his own life. The questions surrounding this tragedy initiate Wes’ desire to learn more about why some can get on with their lives, while some cannot.

Sunday, September 20th at 6 pm

Episode 2: “Fitting In”  (Watch Online)

Explore the notion of identity and how it’s altered during deployment and at home.

Explore the notion of identity, how it’s altered during deployment and altered again on return home. Wes explores the experience of coming back fundamentally changed by the experience of war, and the difficulty of fitting back in. Can you create a new life in your old world?

Sunday, September 27th at 6 pm

Episode 3: “Moving Forward”  (Watch Online)

Examine the veterans’ drive to find a new mission in their lives.

The final episode explores the drive veterans often have of finding a new mission, to contribute, to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Hear Moore speak at the Fall 2015 Public Affairs Convocation Lecture on Tuesday, October 20th at 7 pm at JQH Arena.  Free and open to the public.  No ticket is required to attend.  Learn more here.

Ozarks Public Television will also broadcast each of the three episodes during the month of October.  

Thursday October 1st 8pm
Thursday October 8th 8pm
Thursday October 15th 8pm

Learn more about the Missouri State University Common Reader, “The Other Wes Moore” here.