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Season XIV  2012

Mother's Home Brew
The Ozarks: Who and Where We Are
The Ozarks: Yesterday and Today
The Ozarks: Many People, One Land
All Aboard: The Northview and Frisco Railroad
Russell Keller: The Springfield I’ve Known
A Music Tradition: The McDowell Gold Jubilee
Daniel Woodrell Profile: The Ozarks - A Novel Setting
The Ozarks Mountain Players:Remembering Laura Ingalls Wilder
Tradition and Talent: The Possum Holler Fiddlers
Free Flowing: The Buffalo, America’s First National River
Pickin’ and Grinnin’ Kelly’s Kountry Junction
Sounds of the Ozarks: Seldom Heard Music
Springfield’s Historic Calaboose

Season XIII   2011

Ozarks General Stores
The Springfield-Greene County Botanical Gardens and Complex
Laura Ingalls Wilder Profile
WWII POWs in Missouri
Hermann Jaeger Profile
Christian County A-Z
Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park
Elephant Rocks State Park
The Civil War Battle of Springfield
Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield: 150th Anniversary
Traditional Crafts: Old-Style Quilt Making
Springfield Underground
Antique Tractor Restoration
Pages from the Past: Ozarks Folk Magazines
Ozarks Rivers and Dams: A Historic Perspective
The Ozark County Historium
Historic Jamesville, Missouri: A Personal Perspective

Season XII   2010

Graveyard Restoration and Preservation
Fiddlin’ Around: Conversation with Shoji Tabuchi
Exploring the Ozarks: A Photographic Journey
From Grass to Glass: Small Dairy Production
Rocky Road: Ozarks Native Stone Roadside Architecture
Banjo Players and Their Styles
The Buck Starts Here: Ozark Booster Club Bull Ride
Springfield’s Historic Walnut Street Homes
Ozarks River Guides
The Domino Danzero Family Photograph Collection


Season XI   2009

Shared Histories: The Darr Family and Reynolds County, Missouri
History and Profile of Christian County, Missouri
Spandau Prison: An Ozarks Perspective
Owned and Operated: Meyer Communications and Broadcasting in the Ozarks
That’s Entertainment: Conversation with Jim Stafford
The Radio Ranch: KTTS in the Ozarks
The Center for Archaeological Research: Sifting Through Our Past
Ozarks Steam Engines
The Jasper County Courthouse
The Missouri Fox Trotter: A Graceful Gait
Gigging in the Ozarks


Season X   2008

Carved in Stone: Ozarks Tombstones
Political Trends and History in Southwest Missouri
Religion in the Ozarks
Ashley Hull Profile
Everything Old is New Again: Rehabbing the Ozark Square
The History Museum for Springfield-Greene County
Cleared for Takeoff: Early Aviation in the Ozarks
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Ozarks Fiddlers and Their Tunes
Riverdale: Community with a Past and Potential
Wilson's Creek National Battlefield: Bringing History to Life
Springfield's Historic Downtown Airport
Ozarks Bee Keepers
George Washington Carver National Monument


Season IX   2007

Ozarks Values and Politics: Conversation with Congressman Roy Blunt
A Lifetime of Entertaining: Conversation with Andy Williams
The Children's Hour
The Young Brothers Massacre
Beginnings of the Branson Music Theaters
Ozarks Public Television Auction: The Greatest Show on Air
Champions: The 1952 and 1953 Bears Basketball Teams
John Wilkinson: Elvis' Sideman
Bob Hubbard: Memories of The Jordanaires and The Foggy River Boys
Ralph Manley: Service to Country and Community
Tent Theatre: An Enduring Legacy
Katie Kentling and the Origins of an Ozarks Community
Dottie Dillard: A Lifetime of Song
Jordan Valley Park: Vision, Progress and Future
History and Contributions of the Missouri Mule
Native-American Flute Making


Season VIII  2006

Memories and Melodies: KWTO/KOAM Live Radio Musician’s Reunion
Scouting in the Ozarks
The Ozarks Greatest Hits
Valley Water Mill Project
The Art of Lennis Broadfoot
Rural Medicine in the Ozarks
Treasure Hunting in the Ozarks
The Ozark Greenways
Bull Shoals Field Station
Historic Black Communities
Glory Road: An Ozarks Perspective
Ozarks Reflections and Writings
The Neosho National Fish Hatchery
Handcrafted Musical Instruments
Shared Histories: The Harlin Family and Gainesville, Missouri

Season VII 2005

Ethnicity in the Ozarks: The French Community of Old Mines
Exploring the Mausoleums at Mount Hope Cemetery
Rose O'Neil Profile
The Civilian Conservation Corps
L.D. Keller and the Promenaders
Daring to Excel: SMSU Centennial Celebration
The Ozark Empire Fair
History and Profile of Nixa, Missouri
Family Singing: A Musical Portrait
Ethnicity in the Ozarks: The Italian Community of Tontitown
History and Profile of Ozark, Missouri
Documenting Ozarks Traditions and Culture: The Gordon McCann Collection

Season VI 2004

Ozarks Craft Traditions and Self-Reliance: Rex Harral Profile
The Branson Scenic Railway
Ozarks Innovators: Hammons Products Company
Lead Mine Industry: The Old Lead Belt
Lead Mine Industry: The New Lead Belt
The 1904 St. Louis World's Fair
Assumption Abbey: Serenity in the Ozarks
Tomato Canning in the Ozarks: The Rise and Decline of an Industry
Carrying on the Tradition: Ozarks Singer Judy Domeny Bowen
Lonnie Hoppers: Bluegrass Musician
The Weaver Brothers and Elviry
Ozarks Cave Diving Alliance
A Rare Breed: Estes Border Collies
Songs of Inspiration: Albert E. Brumley Profile
River of Life Tree House Cabins
Viola #5
Glenn Ohrlin: Ozarks Cowboy, Singer and Poet


Season V 2003

Ozark National Scenic Riverways Topography and History
Ozark National Scenic Riverways Hidden Pleasures
Emory Melton: Public Service in Practice
The Agricultural History of the Ozarks
The Ozarks Beef Cattle Industry
The Ozark Trail
Ozarks Traditional Singers
Ozarks Traditional Women Fiddlers
Tumbling Creek Cave
SMSU: An Ozarks Landmark
The Mark Twain National Forest
Primitive Art in the Ozarks
The Ozarks Afro-American Heritage Museum
Ozarks Native Stone Architecture
The Orphan Train
Historic Buildings: Fresh Starts
Ozarks Water Mills

Season IV 2002

Ozarks Musical Traditions
The Environmental History of the Ozarks
The Arkansas Ozarks
Swan Creek Water Quality Study
Ozarks Spirits: Moonshiners and Revenuers
Taney County Stories
Shape Note Music: Heavenly Sounds
The Ozarks Outdoors
Scientific, Geological Wonders and Curiosities In and Near Joplin
Mitch Jayne: Portrait of an Ozarks Writer and Humorist
Mitch Jayne: Ozarks Storyteller
Ozarks Hospitality: Tourism in Ozarks Mountain Country
Lessons From the Past: History and Life in a Missouri One-Room School House
The Ozark Jubilee
Route 66: Springfield and the Mother Road
Ethnicity in the Ozarks: The German Community of Cole Camp

Season III 2001

Sports in the Ozarks
Ozarks Traditional Fiddlers: Continuing the Tradition
Demographics of the Ozarks
Ozarks Sayings and Expressions
The Virginia Snyder Music Park
Ozarks Rivers and Streams
Ozarks Traditional Fiddlers
The Battle of Wilson's Creek
Ethnicity in the Ozarks: The Czech Community of Karlin
Johnny Mullins: Ozarks Songwriter
Newspapers of the Ozarks
The Missouri State Archives
Ozarks Life: A Photojournalist's Perspective
Plants of the Ozarks
The Springfield Wagon Company
The Missouri State Archives: Preservation Techniques
The Ozarks Labor Union Archives
The Ozark Folk Center

Season II 2000

The Current River Basin
The Life of Ozark Rivers.Like Nowhere Else on Earth
Viticulture in the Ozarks
The Jerry J. Presley Conservation Education Center
Storytelling in the Ozarks II - Examples
The Ozarks Land and Life II
Storytelling in the Ozarks
Traditional Ozarks Houses
KWTO-Radio for the Ozarks

Season I 1999

The Ozarks: Just That Much Hillbilly in Me
Traditional Fiddling and Square Dancing
Preserving Folklore and Traditional Music, and Making it Accessible
The Ozarks Land and Life
Jam Sessions and Jig Dancing