Seeds of Success
The Legacy of George Washington Carver

This locally-produced program by Ozarks Public Television is a documentary tribute to acclaimed scientist, inventor and educator George Washington Carver. Well known for his work with peanut products, Dr. Carver also contributed significant accomplishments and research into crop rotation and sustainable agriculture. He was truly a man of humble beginnings but wide influence.

Along with presenting Dr. Carver’s remarkable life, viewers learn about the national monument in his honor located in Diamond, MO, the first national park to honor an African-American and individual who is not a U.S. President. Dr. Carver’s accomplishments are impressive and enduring. Extensive archival photos and film clips contributes to an enhanced understanding of Dr. Carver’s life. National authors and scholars, along with National Park Service rangers, provide rich and insightful commentary on Dr. Carver’s work and his relevance today. A highlight of the program is a former Tuskegee University student who was acquainted with Dr. Carver and who shares this special and unique perspective. The program also informs viewers about the beginnings and development of the National Park Service site in Dr. Carver’s honor, and provides an overview of what visitors will enjoy while visiting the historic site.