Show-Me Innovation:
Entrepreneurs Across Missouri

Thursday, March 23 | 7:00 p.m.
April 6th | 9:30pm
April 13th | 8pm
April 24th | 10:30pm

The economic impact of entrepreneurial endeavors is no secret. But often, the stories that best illustrate the breadth and scope of new business ventures in the Midwest are obscured by Silicon Valley megastartups and Wall Street investors. Show-Me Innovation is a half-hour special devoted to some of the most successful enterprises rising across Missouri, and some of the programs and resources that help nurture them. From companies pushing at the edges of bio-tech, like Innova Prep in Drexel, to the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s old-school family fabric empire that’s transforming the tiny town of Hamilton, the special highlights all types of businesses.

This co-production of KCPT and the Nine Network will also explore how a business incubator in West Plains is helping Ozark entrepreneurs strategize and implement their ideas and analyze trends in business development with noted economists. We also drop in on the fast-growing StartUp Connection held annually in St. Louis.