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Missouri State University 

Missouri! A Bicentennial Celebration
Broadcast Premiere State-Wide August 12th at 8pm.

Join the state-wide celebrations of Missouri’s 2021 bicentennial anniversary with our newest locally-produced historical documentary developed in collaboration with Ozarks Public Television and KMOS. The two-hour presentation includes a sweeping snapshot of Missouri beginning with her settlement and early territory days and journey to admittance as America’s 24th state on August 10, 1821. The story progresses with the pivotal role Missouri played during the Civil War and continues with representative highlights of her remarkable and unique accomplishments and impact in more recent times. Sharing this story will be our host, "Mark Twain" and respected historians and informed narration supported by abundant archival images. The result is a warm tribute and understanding of the Show-Me State and her people. 
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Missouri! A Bicentennial Celebration
On Ozarks Public Television

August 12th @ 8pm Thursday Night State-Wide Premiere

August 13th @ 12:30pm
August 15th @ 9:00am
August 15th @ 3:30pm