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OPT Sustainer Program

What is an OPT Sustainer?

OPT Sustainers are a special group of members who support the programming on Ozarks Public Television with automatic monthly contributions through their bank accounts or credit cards.

Sustaining members play an important role in the daily operations at OPT, providing the station with a reliable stream of support to help fund the purchase and broadcast of your favorite programs, such asMasterpiece, Nature, Nova, American Experience, and many more!

Why become a Sustainer?

It’s convenient. Because your contribution is automatically deducted on a monthly basis, you won’t have to remember to write out a membership check each year. Your OPT Membership status continues without interruption, which means you’ll receive an ongoing subscription to our monthly program guide. And if your life changes, so can your plan. You can increase, decrease or suspend your giving at any time.

It's powerful. Your membership will renew automatically each year, eliminating the need for OPT to mail costly renewal notices. By helping us eliminate administrative expenses, more of your contribution goes directly into the programming!

What about “Thank-You Gifts”?

Sustainers are welcomed to request one thank-you gift at their current giving level each year. Simply call our membership department at 417-836-3500, and we’ll get you fixed up! If you’d like to receive more than one gift, you may increase your monthly donation amount or else make an additional one-time donation.

How can I become a Sustainer?

Sign up online, or contact the OPT membership department at 417-836-3500 Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.