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Employment with Ozarks Public Television at Missouri State University

How Do I Find Out About Job Opportunities?

Applicants interested in staff positions at Missouri State can learn of openings:

  • by calling (417)836-4683, the 24-hour job vacancy hotline, which is updated by 5:00 PM each Friday.
  • by checking the vacancy announcement posted on the bulletin board outside of the Office of Human Resources,
    Carrington Hall, Room 118.
  • or by accessing the Office of Human Resources vacancy announcement on the web site

How Do I Apply?

The vacancy announcement lists the positions available at You will need to apply for positions by creating an account and completing an online application form. Once an online application form is submitted you will receive a confirmation number and your application information is saved. In addition to the application form, you will be asked to complete an online voluntary Affirmative Action/ Equal Employment Opportunity (AA/EEO) form.

Each position that is posted specifies the application materials needed to apply (i.e. resume, cover letter, etc). Optional information, such as letters of reference or certificates, may be included if the posting requests those items to be attached.

It is your responsibility to monitor the online vacancy announcements at and apply by the posted closing date to be considered for a specific position.

Employment Process Q&A

Jobs at Missouri State University: