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Diversity Statement

Ozarks Public Broadcasting, comprised of KSMU Radio and Ozarks Public Television (OPT), are committed to reflecting and celebrating the diversity of the Ozarks. This diversity takes many forms, including gender, age, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, national origin, language, and economic status. We encourage thoughtful community dialogue on a variety of topics through local content, news features, community engagement.

  • KSMU Radio produces and broadcasts special series focused on the stories of underrepresented people. For example, Becoming American was a week-long series of profiles, highlighting local individuals who undertook the process to become U.S. citizens.
  • Ozarks Public Television tells the story of the Ozarks through documentary films and ongoing series. Through a partnership with the national American Graduate initiative, OPT’s Sense of Community program recently included a profile of ARC of the Ozarks, and their work in connecting adults with cognitive disabilities with local employers.
  • In partnership with the Missouri State University Religious Studies Department, KSMU Radio has established a Religious Studies/Reporting Internship. This intern reports on topics related to the religious diversity of the Ozarks.
  • OPT’s Passport series featured instructional language and cultural exploration of other countries. The series includes Passport to China, Passport to Latin America, and Passport to Brazil.
  • OPT’s Small World ▪ Big Picture profiles feature Ozarks’ residents of diverse backgrounds, sharing their stories.
  • OPT and KSMU regularly broadcast special programming that celebrates the diversity of our nation and our world. These national programs are made available by NPR, PRI, APM, PBS, NETA, APT and other national distributors.
As a division of Missouri State University, Ozarks Public Broadcasting shares in the University’s efforts and initiatives to ensure diversity in all aspects of our work. The University staff, faculty, governance and student body reflect rich diversity.

The Missouri State University Division for Diversity and Inclusionstrives to enhance the institutional culture of the campus by building a community that values the inclusion of diversity. Its mission is to ensure consistent emphasis on the core value of inclusive excellence by intentionally engaging the rich and broad diversity of faculty, staff, students and community to effectively educate all campus stakeholders. The division has four areas of emphasis –
  • Access, success and equity
Increase access, success and equity by attracting, retaining, and ensuring the success of all students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds.
  • Learning and development
Enhance and increase learning development through promoting diversity in the formal and informal curricula.
  • Campus climate
Enhance and increase the development of a psychological and behavioral climate supportive of all students, faculty, and staff as well as campus stakeholders.
  • Institutional leadership and commitment
Enhance and increase institutional leadership, commitment, and integration of policies, practices, and institutional support of Inclusive Excellence as well as cultural consciousness of all university stakeholders.
More information about Missouri State University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion can be found here.

Ozarks Public Broadcasting FY20 Diversity Goals
  1. Ozarks Public Broadcasting will establish a work group tasked with evaluating station efforts related to diversity, including programming, staffing, and engagement. This work group will be responsible for defining annual diversity goals for the organization.

Updated September 2019