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Anyone who knows me very well can attest that my playlists are littered with show tunes.  Unfortunately for them, they’ve likely also had to hear me sing along.  While I wasn’t gifted with the talent, I was bitten by the bug at a very young age. How does a youngster in rural Missouri find musical theatre in those days?  You guessed it – public television. 

Like so many, my first taste of Sweeney Todd, Guys and Dolls, and dozens of other classics came through Great Performances.  And while I have been lucky enough to dazzle my younger self by checking “see a Broadway show” off my bucket list, my most reliable portal to the great white way remains my television, tuned to OPT. 

This month, Great Performances brings us the fifth annual “Broadway’s Best” lineup.  Tune in May 13 to see Sutton Foster reprise the role of Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes.  The following week, we’ll be treated to some Shakespeare in the Park with Merry Wives, Jocelyn Bioh’s adaptation of the classic comedy.  And we’ll end with Keeping Company with Sondheim, a documentary that lets us peek behind the curtain at the creation of a reimagined revival of Company, with a female lead and the incomparable Patti LuPone as Joanne.

I am excited for this lineup.  But I’m even more excited for the budding theatre fans whose passion will be newly ignited.  On behalf of all those viewers – as well as my younger self – thank you for supporting a window to world class arts in the Ozarks.   

Rachel Knight
General Manager