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Thanksgiving is on the way. No doubt, this year’s celebrations will look a little different than usual. Nonetheless, my spirits are buoyed by the thought of people around the country, all at the same time, focusing their energy on gratitude. I’m a big believer in the power of gratitude. And, in a year that has brought some very real challenges, I have found it even more helpful than usual to focus on the things that make me grateful.

Of course, there are some things that always make my list – the thousands of viewers around the Ozarks who connect with the world and one another through OPT; the many individuals in our community who have continued to support this service, even as they are personally navigating uncertain times; and the small-but-mighty team at Ozarks Public Broadcasting who bring passion and focus to their work each day, never losing sight of the listeners and viewers we serve. And, if I keep my eyes open, each day brings something new to add to the list – a kind note from a viewer; spotting a Mr. Rogers bumper sticker on the car in front of me; or a coworker stopping by to share a sweet story about their child. I hope you’re making your own list this, and that it is overflowing with things that bring a smile to your face.

One last thing – please help us spread the word: the OPT Holiday Auction is November 6-15, online at Mark your calendar to bid early, to bid often, and to ask your friends to do the same. Thanks for all you do to support public television in the Ozarks.

Rachel Knight
General Manager