If you’re like me, you’re eager for good news these days and looking for reasons to celebrate. Well, we’re in luck. This month, we’re invited to the biggest Independence Day party in the country – A Capitol Fourth. For three decades, this broadcast event has brought together viewers from across the nation to celebrate our country’s birthday with music, fireworks, and a star-studded lineup of guests. Catch the program – and an encore broadcast – at 7pm and 8:30pm on July 4.

Later this month, join us for an exploration of The Vote. One hundred years after the passage of the 19th Amendment, American Experience takes us through the bold and courageous campaign waged by American women to secure the right to vote. The two-part documentary chronicles some of the key influencers of the time, the tactics used on both sides of the fight, and the lasting impact of the struggle on American culture and politics. I hope you’ll tune in on July 6 for the premiere of The Vote. And I really hope you’ll connect with OPT on social media to be part of our community’s discussion around the program and the history-changing event. Learn more at www.optv.org.

These are just two of the many programs that will bring us together for celebration, inquiry, and contemplation this month. As I flip through July’s schedule, I’m proud of the quality and humanity that define the programming on OPT. And I am filled with gratitude for the many folks around the Ozarks who make it possible. Thank you for supporting the explorations, discussions, and ideas that lift and unite our community.

Rachel Knight
General Manager