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We’re in the midst of my favorite season.  Truth be told, I catch myself saying that all year long – when the chill begins to fade and the first blooms appear; when the kitchen counter is lined with dark red tomatoes from the garden; when the sunshine glows through the bright orange leaves of a giant oak tree.  Still, these weeks that are filled with intentional gratitude, goodwill, and family gatherings will always be my favorite.  I hope you find moments of rest, reflection, and joy this month. 

As I reflect on the year, I am feeling motivated and inspired by all that Team OPT has accomplished. We partnered with the YMCA to make our annual Seuss Science Day fun and free for all families.  We added two new programs to OPT’s library of local documentaries – KWTO-Legendary Live Country Radio and The Ozark Mountain Daredevils-Backstage. We threw a huge 10th birthday party for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, celebrating with over 600 of Daniel’s closest friends.  We brought back the beloved Wine & Food Celebration after a two-year hiatus.  We delivered over 35,000 hours of programming across our four channels.  We completed the critical-yet-invisible technical projects that ensure we’re poised to serve our community next year and into the future.  All this, and so much more. 

And you’re at the center of all of it.  Your support is the force behind everything that happens at OPT – every program, every event, every piece of equipment.  Thank you for being such an important part of Team OPT. 

Rachel Knight
General Manager