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March is Women’s History Month.  Of course, one of my favorite things about public television is that we don’t need a reason to tell diverse stories and include a multitude of perspectives – it’s just what we do.  Each month our schedule offers stories from around our community, around our nation, and around the world.  But, I’ll be honest: I was particularly pleased to see a trailblazing women who has long captured my imagination receiving the American Masters treatment, as part of this month’s celebration.  While Flannery O’Connor – whose words grace my living room wall – is known for her sardonic fiction, I am partial to her letters…the words she wrote to friends and colleagues in her own distinctive voice.  I am eager to learn more about her short-but-impactful life. 

And, I know I’ll be joined by many happy viewers, pleased to see that American Masters is also exploring the iconic career of choreographer Twyla Tharp this month. 

I’m always excited to see familiar names like these in my program guide – a chance to dig a bit deeper into a storied life.  However, it’s very often the lesser-known names that leave the most lasting impressions on me. As I look through the voices and perspectives we’ll hear this month, I know we’ll share many moments of insight – gaining a deeper understanding of history, a stronger empathy for one another, and a clearer picture of what lies ahead.   

Thank you for supporting these shared moments – moments that bring us together, make us think, and make us better.  Your support of OPT is meaningful and appreciated. 

Rachel Knight
General Manager