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Happy birthday, Missouri! As I’m sure you know, this year marks the bicentennial of Missouri’s statehood.  Ozarks Public Television is pleased to be part of the Bicentennial Alliance – a statewide coalition of nonprofit organizations and government agencies working together to commemorate the milestone.   

The bicentennial is such an important opportunity.  It’s a chance to acknowledge our collective achievements over the past 200 years.  To celebrate the rich and diverse cultures that make Missouri unique.  To revel in the varied geography and breathtaking scenery abundant within our borders.  To reflect on both the problems and progress of our shared history.  To honor the stories of our past.  And to come together to chart the course for our common future. 

I hope you’ll join us on Thursday, August 12 at 8pm for OPT’s newest original documentary, Missouri! A Bicentennial Celebration.  OPT partnered with KMOS, the public television station in Warrensburg, to produce this sweeping look at the people, places, and stories that have made our state what it is today.   

We are grateful to Missouri State University for providing production support to make this film possible. To the many historians and archivists who helped us document, present, and preserve this shared history.  And to our public television colleagues across the state, who are joining us in broadcasting the film on August 12 to ensure that every family in Missouri can gather to watch, reflect, and discuss our state’s past and future. 

Thank you, as always, for helping OPT bring these stories to life…and into homes across our region. 

Rachel Knight
General Manager