National Volunteer Appreciation Week is this month, and one thing is for sure – a week is not nearly long enough to show our gratitude for this special group of people. Like most nonprofit organizations, OPT relies on volunteers to help make our mission a reality.

The work of these individuals is varied and crucial. Some come in each month to help prepare the letters you get in the mail. Some come in during pledge drives to answer the phone and take your pledge. Some appear on-air – hosting programs, narrating OPT’s documentary films, or asking for your support during pledge drives and TeleAuctions – while others work behind the scenes, in many capacities, helping produce local programs. Some help during special events to ensure things run smoothly. And a few generous souls come into the office regularly to help out with…whatever we need.

While their work is varied, this group has so much in common. They are connected to their community. They value public broadcasting. They believe in getting involved. They are generous with their time. And, of course, they are beloved and important members of our team. We simply couldn’t do what we do without these folks. And, to be honest, we wouldn’t want to. Our volunteers make the office brighter, the load lighter, and the station better.

Thank you to all of our volunteers – past and present. OPT has been made stronger by the contributions of so many talented people over the years. It is truly a privilege to work for an organization that is valued and supported by its community.

Rachel Knight
Interim General Manager