And just like that, another year is coming to a close. It sure is true what they say: while the days can be long, the years seem quite short. I hope you find yourself looking back at a year full of meaningful events and happy memories. I know I do.

When I look back over the dates marked on my 2019 calendar, it reminds me of the successes our team has celebrated and the challenges we’ve overcome. From a spring filled with OPT KIDS events…to a summer of local documentary premieres…to a fall that had everyone talking about country music – it’s been a fun year. And, as I write this, the final pieces are falling into place to allow us to complete our full-power broadcasting facility and return to normal operations. We expect this to occur around the end of the year or in early 2020.

Even as we take time to celebrate another year of service to our community, we’re also looking ahead at the year to come. We are working hard today to purchase, produce, and plan the programs and events that will inform, entertain, and inspire our community in 2020.

As we do this work, we remain ever mindful of the helping hands behind the scenes that make each idea, event, and broadcast a reality. Thank you for the support you have provided this year – it means so much to the station and to our ability to serve the community. Here’s to another year of stories to tell, ideas to share, and successes to celebrate.

Tammy Wiley
General Manager