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Thank you to our dedicated OPT volunteers!

Together, we are ensuring that public television will be available in our community for years to come. Whether you worked an event, helped around the office, or assisted with a TV production, your time and efforts are so appreciated. Thank you for giving your time to OPT!

Loreli Adams

Jamie Anderson

Dana Atkinson

Ed Atkinson

Kim Birge

Michelle Breazeale

Traci Brown

Cynthia Chandler-Clayton

Michael Claunch

Abigail Dawson

Gary Ellison

Janet Ellison

Joe Estes

Addie Ferber

Lee Ferber

Pam Ferber

Sam Ferber

Matt Foster

Debbie Good

Shiiquanu Hankins

Jason Henline

Ellen Himebaugh

Donna Howell

Kenny Knauer

Michelle Koenig

Chiara Lacalendola

Nick Love

Susan Love

Kyle Loudis

Tony Loudis

Vanessa Loudis

Gail Maschino

Michelle McDonald

Mid-Missouri Bank Employees

Jim Melton

Kathy Miller

Dale Moore

Devon Morris

Enoch Morris

Shane Parker

Vicki Pohl

Judy Raber

Jasper Risenhoover

Philip Robinson-Morgan

Jim Roudenis

Sheryl Ruff-Hensley

Marie Sellers

Sheila Sharpe

Debbie Sheehan

Stacy Shoemake

Lynda Simon

Francis Skalicky

Michelle Skalicky

Mike Smith

Mike Terral

Susan Tuohy

Drew Weingart

Volunteer with Ozarks Public Television