Civil War Battle of Newtonia

The "Civil War Battle of Newtonia" goes on air Thursday, February 24 at 8:30 pm. This battle was fought on September 30, 1862 in Newtonia, Missouri (10 miles east of Neosho, Missouri).

"This is a significant battle because it is the only civil war battle outside or Indian Territory where regimented Native Americans fought on both sides of the battle," stated Paul Wannenmacher the writer and producer of the documentary. The documentary tells the story with historical photographs, extensive mapping and re-enactments video shot in Newtonia.

This is the third documentary that Paul Wannenmacher has collaborated with Ozarks Public Television (OPT). The previous two were titled, "Thomas Hart Benton.. From the Ozarks and Beyond" and "Charles Banks Wilson...From the Ozarks and Beyond." These documentaries have aired numerous times and are schedule to re-air on OPT back to back on March 24 in the 8:00-9:00 pm time period.

In addition to local airings, the previous documentaries have aired in over 25 markets throughout the United States.

The Civil War Battle of Newtonia is produced and written by Paul Wannenmacher and made possible through the generous support by the Newton County Tourism Council with funding provided by the Downstream Casino Resort.

Broadcast Premiere:
February 24, 2011
Program not available online.